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Know your faith, transform society

The School of the Faith

Catechetical Institute.

The School of the Faith (USA) is the English-speaking arm of La Escuela de la Fe, a Vatican-Accredited Catechetical Institute at the service of dioceses throughout the world. Its goal is to help Christ's message reach the four corners of the globe, via the training and apostolic motivation of educators in the faith, principally through classes and diploma courses.

The school’s history dates back over 40 years of existence in Mexico. It evolved as a tool to respond to the needs of the time. The school combines academic formation of its students with spiritual formation to evolve a seasoned repertoire of lay faithful to aid the mission of the Church while permeating the world with the Charisma of Jesus Christ.



Where we are:


The School of the Faith was founded in 1975.

It was founded in an effort to help the Mexican episcopate as well as other Church institutions.

The Vatican has allowed the School to grant the academic title “Educator in the Faith” since the 16th of February 1979.

Currently, over 60 dioceses have opened their doors to The School of the Faith.


There are more than 65 Local Chapters in different countries:


Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, El Salvador, Brazil, the United States, Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Academic excellence

Founded in 1975, we are fully accredited by the Congregation for the Clergy of the Holy See (now under the Dicastery for Evangelisation).

We faithfully follow the guidelines set down in the Vatican’s General Directory for Catechesis.

The School of the Faith is a member of the Fidei Pastoral Centre, which, in turn, certificates its teachers. This ensures complete loyalty to the Magisterium of the Church.


Our students can validate credits in Mexico’s prestigious Anahuac University.

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