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Our mission:

Whom is the
school for?

What we offer:

We participate in the Church’s mission of evangelisation by training teachers of Catechism and Educators in the Faith, to promote greater knowledge and real-life application of the Catholic Faith.

The School of the Faith is for teachers of Catechism and all persons of good will who want to know, love, and communicate their Faith.

We offer dioceses professional and systematic course materials for an all-round training of their lay catechism teachers and formation of Catholics who want to learn more about their Faith. This material is specifically designed to meet the needs of the New Evangelisation.

Our programme:

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Programme for teachers of Catechism: Diploma course in Catechesis and the Fundamentals of the Catholic Faith.

1. Introduction to the Faith and Salvation History

2. Introduction to the Bible

3. One God, Father of Men

4. Christology and Mariology

5. I believe in the Holy Spirit and in the Holy Catholic Church

6. Liturgy and Sacraments

7. Life in Christ

8. The Commandments

Courses to reach the degree of:
"Educator in the Faith"

I. Bible I

  • Introduction to the Bible

  • Old Testament

  • New Testament

  • Lectio Divina

II. Christian Spirituality

  • Lay Spirituality
  • Prayer

  • Liturgy
  • Sacraments

III. Teaching of the Faith

  • Fundamental Catechesis

  • Practical Catechesis

  • Catechetical target groups

  • Faith didactics/ pedagogy

IV. Christian Moral Theology

  • Integral human formation

  • Fundamental moral Theology

  • The Ten Commandments

  • Specific moral Theology

V. Dogma I

  • The Trinity and Creation

  • Anthropology and Original Sin

  • Christology

  • Mariology

VI. Dogma II

  • Apologetics

  • Ecclesiology

  • Church History

  • Eschatology

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